Shaping A Progressive Future

Who we are

Company Overview

In meeting the challenges of the future, it is important  to have a dedicated technology supplier and expert service provider that they can rely on for further growth and development. STARZA CORPORATION is truly  a customer-minded company with the capacity and capability to answer such a need.

STARZA CORPORATION was successfully established in September 2001. We are spearheaded by a group  of dedicated professionals with appropriate backgrounds and qualifications. We are your partner in the effective provision of products and services covering a wide spectrum of services from our ICT Division, Training & Education Division and General Trading Division.

Shaping A Progressive Future

Here at STARZA CORPORATION, we share a unique goal of shaping our progressive future with dedication and foresight.

Our Goal

With a goal of being the best in whatever we do, STARZA CORPORATION continuously helps customers in gaining the competitive edge through 3 main divisions, namely ICT Division, Training & education Division and General Trading Division.

Our Vision

We aim to be respected as a leading diversified company that specializes in ICT, Training & Education and General Trading. Our market penetration has extended to all parts of Malaysia as well other countries in South East Asia.

Our Mission

a. To maximize the utilization  of our resources in order to serve our customers reliably, responsibly and professionally as ICT one-stop provider, Training & Education provider and General Trader.

b. To establish strategic alliances and partnership with both Public Sector and private sector in order to contribute to the realization of VISION 2010.

c. To grow as a successful and profitable Bumiputra -owned business entity in the ever growing business environment.

Our Branding

Company Logo

The rounded wheel shape of our company logo always reminds us to move forward energetically. It is formed by the even number of 8 red colored graphical arms that carrying the prominence message on teamwork and equal treatment to all members in our company.

Managing Directors

Zafidi Mohammad utilizes his 20 years of past professional successes to make an impact as a high-performance Managing Director. With competency in project management, human capital development, information, communication and technology, he is valued for his vast experience in ICT, networking and training, especially providing customized training for National Service Department, Malaysia.

Our Responsibilities

Responsibilities to Clients

  • We are committed total integration in our dealings with clients
  • We focus to provide solutions that will helps our clients grow and succeed further.
  • We work closely with clients as their partners, problem solvers and advisors
  • We promise value for their money, quality and excellence in products and services.

Responsibilities to Employees

  • We create job opportunities, professional training ground and personal satisfaction to our employees.
  • We treat our employees as the company’s most important assets.
  • We encourage a balance of commitment and time for the family, work, religion and the community.

Responsibilities to Organization

  • We create an environment that embraces change, creativity and innovation.
  • We work to make each other successful.
  • We provide stimulating working atmosphere and create meaningful opportunities for all

Responsibilities to Business Partners and Suppliers

  • We promote and encourage team relationship with partners and suppliers.
  • We consistently create a win-win situation in all our dealings with them.
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