STAR RENTAL is the latest and most attractive rental scheme of ICT products and office equipment in Malaysia . It is a simple and easy way for companies to save cost and improve their business presentation and productivity.



A) No Holding Cost


You DO NOT need to buy a LCD Projector to improve your business presentations, meetings, sales and training sessions. We offer various types of projector to suit different needs.



B) No Deprecation Cost


You DO NOT need to buy a projector to use just for a few times a year, as it depreciates every year. LCD projector is an IT product that gets obsolete very quickly. With us, no more worries about the deprecation cost and you can still have a projector whenever you want.



C) No Maintenance Cost


You DO NOT need to worry for the maintenance cost of the projector. A projection lamp for an LCD Projector costs between RM1,200 to RM4,000 per unit. However, with STAR Rental you only pay for the rental cost, which is the cheapest in the town! .












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