STARZA Corporation is a 100% bumiputera-owned company, is closely associated to NTP World Forum and NTP World Marketing. The company focus in three main areas, namely Training & Education, ICT & Office Equipment Rental Solution & Services and lastly Construction.


In Training and Education, STARZA is fast becoming a significant player in the planning and implementation of high quality training in Integration Program for the National Service Training Programme under the Ministry of Defence.



In ICT and Office Equipment Rental Solution and Services, STARZA is committed in providing quality and excellence in the supply and rental of innovative ICT products, services and solutions, office automation and equipments, laboratory and scientific equipments. Carrying the brand name of STAR RENTAL, STARZA is aggressively establishing its name in the government sector.



In Construction, STARZA continuously expands its expertise by effectively applying the concept of 'Built-Lease-Transfer'. The company has the capacity and capabilities to assist government and corporate clients in the efficient provision of building construction, civil works, interior designing and renovation, landscaping, property maintenance services and projects management.













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